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This Week’s Stories 

Kriabon Farmers’ Market see page 1

Voting Right 3

Judicial Errors 5

TV Special 5

Jong Bonaire Donors 5

Spearfisherman Caught 6

Winsberg Exhibit 6

German Marcano/Hans Faassen Performance (CMBB) 7

Letters: Sharing The Sea –Kiters 9

Mangazina di Rei Cultural Market10

STCB Fund Raiser 11

Coral Nursery 11

Windsurf Women’s Day 11

Saving Bonaire Donkeys New Direction 12

Bats On the Move 15

Culinary Team Prepares 15

Adopt A Black Cat 19


Flotsam & Jetsam 2

On the Island Since-Linda Schut 4

Word On The Street 7

Picture Yourself Guyana Kaieteur 8

Did You Know=Flying Squid 8

Masthead 12

Classifieds 13

Tide Table, Sunrise & Sunset Times, Moon Phase 13

Shopping & Dining Guides 14

What’s Happening, 16

Bonaire Sky Park (Planets) 17

The Stars Have It ( Astrology) 17

Sudoku, Sudoku Answer 17

Shelter News—Adoptions, Spay & Neuter Super Sisters, Sterilization 18



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April 21- May 5, 2014 Edition  of The Bonaire Reporter is on-line now at www.bonairereporter.com.

Get a major update on the Bonaire Donkey situation, possible loss of voting rights for BES islanders, Two major judicial errors corrected, spear fisherman caught red-handed, nursery for Bonaire corals, windsurfing women, Bonaire bats in South America, culinary team prepares. cultural fest,  plus lots, lots more....



April 7-21, 2014 Edition  of The Bonaire Reporter is on-line now at www.bonairereporter.com.

Learn about the identification of a new endangered species on Bonaire-the Nubian ass and what motivated it. Lots more including new "second chance " centers opening, the famous kite flying contest, a fundraiser with a target to raise $1000 a day, the final chapter of Crystal Gold, the story about Bonaire's salt, a restaurant review and a controversial doctor plus lots, lots more....





Mar. 24- April 7, 2014 Edition  of The Bonaire Reporter is on-line now at www.bonairereporter.com.

This edition has lots of interesting stories about the island and its people, news and updates including: Plans for sustainable development, price controls, volunteerism, crime fighting, new facilities and more


Mar.10 - 24, 2014 Edition  of The Bonaire Reporter is on-line now at www.bonairereporter.com.

This edition has lots of news like:

Double Murder arrests, Junior Rangers Healthy Meal, Bonaire Against Child Abuse , Crystal Gold– Bonaire Salt, Part 1 of 3,  90 Birthdays- Maria's Goeloe, Special Olympics Walkathon, 2013 Picture Yourself Winner , Karnaval 2014  Photos, Makambas On Bonaire, Snack Jack, New Bonaire Ambassadors– Nicholson and much more